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Wine and Champagne Gift sets

Millesima, your wine merchant for over 30 years is delighted to create made-to-measure gifts.

Create your own personalised gifts for your colleagues, clients and customers. A special work event? Let us create a special proposition according to your needs and budget.

Our Selection

Over 12,000 wines have been carefully hand selected by our team, including the top wines from France and the rest of the world:
Bordeaux, Champagne, the Rhone Valley, Tuscany – Rare Wines and Vintages – Large Formats

  • Advice

    Receive personalised advice by our trained professionals, who have tasted the entirety of our range of wines.

  • Quality and Authenticity

    Delivered in their original cases, excepting specialised requests and pre-selected gift sets.

  • Choice

    A selection of over 12,000 wines in bottle, magnums, and many other formats.

  • Personalisation

    Personalise your corporate gifts with a card or a custom engraved case.


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Contact us at (65) 3159 1767 to speak directly with one of our advisors.

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