Star Rosés of the Summer

A rich aromatic palette, tons of freshness, and a beautiful expression of both fruity and floral aromas… Needless to say, the 2019 vintage rosés are a superb success. A mild winter and a cool spring allowed the vegetative cycle to start under ideal conditions, and it continued perfectly. The excellent health of the vineyards allowed the winegrowers to harvest healthy grapes at the right level of ripeness, resulting in elegant wines, with good balance, refreshing acidity and a pure expression of the signature style of each producer. Discover today our selection of 2019 rosés, ideal pairings for springtime!

Discover our selection of 2019 Rosés

CHÂTEAU SAINTE ROSELINE PERLE DE ROSELINE 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose Millesima

Château Sainte Roseline
Perle de Roseline 2019, Côtes de Provence

Perle de Roseline is a flagship wine for rosé lovers, highlighting an aromatic expression of Mediterranean terroirs. Carignan, Cinsault, Grenache and Syrah come together to create a rosé with a fine nose, bursting with white fruit aromas, and a palate with slightly spicy notes. Balanced and gourmet, this rosé will pair perfectly with your springtime aperitifs, grilled dishes and fresh salads.

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Studio MIRAVAL, Côtes de Provence Rose

Studio By Miraval 2019, IGP Méditerranée

The debut vintage of Studio by Miraval was launched in 2018 and met with great success. Embark on an adventure to the legendary recording studio created by the previous owner Jacques Loussier at the estate, which has hosted several big names in the music industry. The 2019 vintage is very refreshing, revealing a subtle bouquet of fresh and delicious fruits, combined with slightly lemony, saline and mineral notes. The elegant finish signals a perfect harmony in this truly melodic cuvée.

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CHÂTEAU ROUBINE LA VIE EN ROSE 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose

Château Roubine
La Vie en Rose 2019, Côtes de Provence

Harvested at night from the best plots of the estate and made from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Rolle, Tibouren, the La Vie en Rose 2019 is a delicate and elegant wine. Aromas of freshly chopped herbs and withered rose petals on the nose precede a round, very aromatic and persistent palate. This fun and festive rosé will go perfectly with your aperitifs and summer meals, especially Mediterranean fish, bouillabaisse or bourride.

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DOMAINE DES CAMPAUX Les cannissons 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose Millesima

Domaine des Campaux
Les cannissons 2019, Côtes de Provence

Made from a blend of different grape varieties from various plots of the estate, the Cannissons cuvée shows off its own unique style. Freshness is the key word in the conception of this wine, and this freshness is maintained by harvesting at night and through a careful vinification. In the glass, it displays a bright golden colour, followed by aromas of citrus and white fruits on the nose, and a balanced and persistent palate with a slightly peppery finish. The unique style of this elegant and complex cuvée is sure to satisfy both as an aperitif and when paired to a meal.

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MIRAVAL 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose Millesima

Miraval 2019, Côtes de Provence

Made from the best vines of the estate and from a rigorous selection in the vineyards of the surrounding terroirs, the 2019 Miraval cuvée reflects the masterful winemaking of the Perrin family. Displaying a rosy hue in the glass, this rosé reveals subtle floral and fruity aromas on the nose, followed by a complex palate with slightly lemony touches. The finish is intense, showing signs of a truly elegant vintage.

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MINUTY PRESTIGE 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose Millesima

Prestige 2019, Côtes de Provence

The great climatic conditions of the vintage and rigorous plot selection made possible the 2019 Prestige cuvée of Minuty – a rosé of splendid balance, aromatic power and freshness. Displaying a straightforward pink colour in the glass, this rosé reveals intense fruity flavors in the nose, including peach and grapefruit. The 2019 Minuty Prestige cuvée offers a lovely minerality from start to finish, pairing beautifully with veal carpaccio, as well as Provencal and oriental cuisines.

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CAVES D'ESCLANS WHISPERING ANGEL 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose Millesima

Caves d'Esclans
Whispering Angel 2019, Côtes de Provence

The strict quality requirements of Château d'Esclans in selecting only the most beautiful terroirs of Provence and only the ripest, healthiest grapes from those terroirs, make Whispering Angel one of the most famous rosés in the world. 2019 is a complete vintage, with a nose that reveals subtle fruity aromas, and a palate that combines a nice acidity with a beautiful aromatic structure, followed by an intense and crunchy finish.

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CHÂTEAU SAINTE MARGUERITE SYMPHONIE 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose Millesima

Château Sainte Marguerite
Symphonie 2019, Côtes de Provence

A Grenache-Cinsault blend produced with an organic approach to viticulture, the 2019 vintage of Symphonie is truly a “foodie” rosé, offering the perfect balance between finesse, elegance and aromatic pleasure. Clear and bright in the glass, this rosé combines subtle white flowers fragrances with citrus aromas. The palate is fine and tart, revealing flavours of citrus peel and exotic fruit, followed by a long and intense finish. The aromatic palette of the Symphonie 2019 cuvée will allow it to pair perfectly with noble dishes, such as risotto with truffles and scallops, but also seafood dishes from around the world, Thai cuisine or sushi.

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CHÂTEAU HERMITAGE SAINT-MARTIN IKON 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose Millesima

Château Hermitage Saint-Martin
Ikon 2019, Côtes de Provence

A product of organic viticulture, the Ikon 2019 is an excellent rosé to enjoy with food, with a surprisingly fresh and complex style. The flagship of Château Hermitage Saint-Martin, the Ikon rosé 2019 is distinguished by its intense colour, a nose that combines elegance and complexity in perfect balance, and a smooth, mineral palate presenting quite a persistent finish. Lobster, langoustines and scallops will pair perfectly with this exceptional rosé cuvée.

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CHÂTEAU LEOUBE LE SECRET DE LeOUBE 2019, Côtes de Provence Rose Millesima

Château Léoube
Le Secret de Léoube 2019, Côtes de Provence

A bright colour in the glass, aromas of white fruits and citrus, a delicious, delicate and balanced palate, an aromatic finish… these are all part of what makes this rosé cuvée stand out. Le Secret de Leoube is aptly named, as its unique qualities lie in an elegant blend of Cinsault, Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon. This rosé will pair beautifully with an aperitif, along with meat, fish or dessert.

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